Monday, November 17, 2008

In one Week what have I accomplished?

I must say alot. I have found an apartment in Durham and put the deposit down on it. It was hard work too. Finding an apartment that you can afford is no easy task nowadays. I have finished my first full week of classes at Sherrill's. I mean I'm absolutely psyched about everything! I'm tired when I go to class just because it's directly after work, but I heard a man say one time, 'You have to step out of your comfort zone in order to reach your dreams'.
I also visited a beautiful lady yesterday. She will be locking my hair in about 21 days! Yeah, I made that decision to be me, naturally. So alot has been going on.
I'm a little nervous about everything changing so fast. I can't lie to myself and say that those thoughts of what everyone will think of me haven't krept it's way into my mind, but I'm dog determined that this time I'm living for me. My daughters are excited for me being in school. At their age, school is so fun! They are just so happy that mommy gets to go to school and have fun too! At their young age, they have more truth and wisdom than they even realize, because they see life in it's simpliest form. Their way of thinking is : Say you're sorry and then hug, love your family and show it, be friendly and have friends, and have as much fun as possible.

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