Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost 1 year with out a relaxer

I was just sitting here thinking, a couple of years ago I would had not even thought about going a year without a relaxer. What! Walk around with a nappy head. I don't think so. But as I was taught a long time ago, never say what you won't do.

Hi, my name is Kiki and I was a creamy crack addict. It has almost been a year of being clean.
Here are some of my "crack head" days.

I'm really cracking myself up right now. Ok, I'll stop.

oh yeah, bleached golden highlights.
Chile, You couldn't tell me "nuthin" in this pic
This was THE flat wrap, hear me.

Bra strap length hair in a rollerset. I suffered from "white girl syndrome" during this time. I heard this syndrome can lie dormant for a while and then come back with vengeance when my locs grow longer. It is reported to be triggered by wind blowing in your hair. Hmm...I'll see.

Yep, had a little chop. Split ends will do it everytime.

Now this is what I would do to my hair when I went about 8 to 10 weeks without a relaxer. This was "Old Betsy" the ponytail. She hid my kinky new growth every time. And her trusty side kick "Humpty." It took care of the front.

Just a rollerset, but what was I wearing? The chemicals must had got to my brain and clouded my judgement? I'm not feeling the shirt at all.
Did I have withdrawal symptoms? Sure I did. Within the first week of getting my locs, I woke up one morning and headed straight for the bathroom. I stood in the mirror to take down bantu knots. After I was done, I grabbed a comb. For what? I don't know, habit I suppose. At that very moment I took all the combs out of bathroom. I didn't need them anymore.
I thought I was pretty dogone cute back then, but I was a slave to my hair. It had a life of it's own and I had to obey. A strict 6 to 8 week relaxer schedule. Every 2 weeks to be styled or bleached. No swimming. No being out in the hot sun to sweat. It didn't do rainy days, and absolutely no late night meetings in the bedroom the first day or two from the salon. I wanted liberty! And now I have been liberated. Trust me, I still like to rollerset my hair. I still like to style it. The beauty of it all is if I don't want to, I don't have to. I'll still look great! Rainy day spainy day. A little rain won't hurt. If I forget my umbrella, no more waiting for the rain to let up to go to my car. No more finding some plastic bag to put over my head either.
This was a great decision for me to go natural. I love it!

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msfullroller said...

LOL, girl you are too funny but I gotta admit, I hear ya loud and clear!