Wednesday, May 19, 2010

17 Mos.

Folks, some months have passed without pics to update. Here is month 17.

So my locs are growing fast but there's not much change as for my hair actually locking as far as I can see. Well, what do I know?


Look what I can do. Finally.

The sunny day put me in the mood to pose after a fresh reti

What is that catching the sunlight?

My peacock loc adornment

There's nothing like a good pair of earrings to add a little "extra" to the hair

Watchout nah!


Bajan Lily said...

Good to have you back.
Love your hair - there's so much of it! And I definitely LOVE the adornments!

Yahvinah said...

your hair looks great, I was wondering where you went off to! :D Did you do that style with just bobby pins... I so want to start some styling!!! :D

Kicukalah said...

@Bajan-thank u for the compliment

@Yahvinah- all I used was hair & bobby pins. I just finger combed my hair to one side and pinned.

Naturally Sophia said...

Really cute. I love the adornment. Nice!

msfullroller said...

All right there sexy mama!! Wow your locs have grown a lot and lovin the peacock adornment.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Your hair is beautiful!