Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4 mos

I follow the lockitup group on yahoo and give my input if I have any, but most of the time I just read to see what others are going through. Well one post that I read recently just stayed with me. I don't remember the arthur of the post but she stated that no locs are perfect, and she's right. I'm still kind of chewing on that. I look at my locs in the mirror sometimes and think to myself, "why my locs don't look like miss lady's blog picture?" Then doubt sets in and I think maybe I shouldn't had locked my hair. But I now quickly put those thoughts in check. These are my locs. They are "Kikilocs." Yep, I have bad hair look days. I say bad hair look because I have learn to accept that my hair is not bad. Neither is anyone else's. It may be straight, wavy, kinky, coily, coarse, or thin, but none of it is "bad" hair. I have locs that are bunching mostly because I still have relaxed ends. I have the little white follicles peeping though. I have a few locs around my hairline that just defies gravity! Some stick straight up in the air and others stick out from my temples. It all looks like I trying to pick up radio signals, LOL. But they are mine. I'm learning how to accept my hair for what it is. I go with the flow. I work with it. My locs are definitely changing in appearance. I'm starting to get the "Oh, you're locking you hair" comments. Instead of the "Oooh, cute curly braids." comments. It's great. I must admit, I anxious for more length so that I can cut these relaxed end off. How so true that patience is a virtue.

~Closer to my scalp it looks wild and fuzzy, but then I see my locs sprout out. Somewhat neater than the root.

~My baby chopped locs showing off some length and color

~Definitely 2 textures going on here.
~Most of my locs at the nape are starting to settle. Not all, but most of them. This is my favorite loc in that area. It stays put and it even starting to curl up at the end like a little ball.

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