Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holey Dreads!- update

Remember my post holey dreads? Well here's what I've learned about my baby locs. The bumpy-ness I felt before was because of the relaxed hair being interlocked. It apparently doesn't like it. Also, right at the line of demarcation there was and still is bunching going on. My relaxed hair and my natural texture hair are fighting in that area. Good fight, but I already know who's gonna win.

Line of demarcation of relaxed and natural hair. Sometimes causes bunching in which can make the loc bumpy.

The holes in the locs and the Y shape bases come from rotating in the same direction twice or rotating from the same point while still alternating. Confused? Don't worry. It's me, not you.

If 4 points is being used in rotation then it should go something like : 9,6,3,12. Well if the circumstances are right meaning you wait too long in between you retightenings and your loctician has to do alot of new growth combined with the loctician loosing her place, sometimes it could end up being: 9,6,6,3,12 or 9,6,9,6,3,12.

No worries. I've also learned on my journey that there are few things that I should actually be so upset about and Y shape bases and bumpy locs are not 2 of them. Why? Because it can be fixed. Before I blow things out of proportion I try to think and ask myself these 3 questions:

1. Is the problem REALLY that serious or is it just a nuisance to me?

2. Can I actually solve the problem or have it solved for me in a way that is carefully thought out? In other words, Can it be fixed?

3. What did I learn by meeting this problem and can I prevent it from happening again?

Oh yes, A new start, a new me. What makes me happy? Being stress free!

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NubianLockedPrincess said...

I love this post! You had me cracking up! Yes! your permed hair will not win! Yes you better start trimming the permed hair! Yes, Yes, yes! You can fix those holes! I `am so use to re tightening my hair, I don`t have to think about the rotations anymore. The key is not to get distracted!

Thank you for sharing my birthday with me! Thank you for your beautiful comments!