Friday, January 30, 2009

Holey Dreads!

Ok, I'm not gonna panic! I'm just seeing things right? Nope, it's real. I'll let my loctician know what's going on and give an update later on the resolution. Some of my locs are bumpy, I see these holes in some and some have Y shaped bases (not pictured). This can't be good. I'm just hoping no do-overs. These little whipper snappers took 19hrs of my life to be installed.

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dewdrop said...

Hi Kicukalah! Let me say congrats on your new locks. A hole is formed in the lock when you latch through the new growth twice in the same direction. What i've done to fix this is to just tighten up the hole by getting my NL tool through the two strands and pulling the entire lock through it (the same way you would when tightening your new growth). Doing this at least once should close up the hol. :-)