Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where's that durn USB cord?

I've been holding out writing a post because I can't find my usb cord for my camera to download pics. Well I couldn't take it anymore and just had to update. I'll upload pics when I find or buy a new usb cord.
I'm now 10 months into my loc journey. I believe my locs are coming along fine.

I'm on day 3 of retightening my locs now.  I have about 50% complete with the use of a nappylock tool. I keep encouraging myself that one of these days I'll be retightening my hair and won't even think about it. It'll be like second nature, taking only 2 or 3 days to complete instead of 4 and 5. It took a whopping 3 hours to complete only the nape area of my head!  I never really had respect for how thick my hair is until I became natural and started doing it myself. I tell you, I thought that having approx. 375 locs was a little number, but now I'm grateful that I don't have more. It's a wonderful experience though. I'm learning alot about my hair, about it's texture, it's diameter, and density. I'm enjoying watching my locs change and grow. It's almost like tending to a garden. Having to make sure that the soil (scalp) can nourish seed (hair) growth by making sure there is plenty of moisture and nutrients. Also like a garden, my locs need love and care.

 My hair is a looser coil type in texture and with medium diameter which probably means it'll take a year and a half to two years to completely lock. I have locs in the top of my head that still come a loose after 10 months. Only about 2 or 3 but it's ok. I'm learning to accept. I just braid, twist, or interlock it  back and keep it moving. Since cutting my relaxed ends off, I've entered into the realm of the curly q's. I've read that they may seal up as time progress or maybe they won't. It doesn't matter to me. I may just end up with with some sealed ends and some curly q's. Talk about individuality! Speaking of that, it took me a good little time to accept that my locs won't look like the ones I see in the blogs everyday. They may not be as beautifully big and bold as Brunsli's or as long and manicured as Blaqkofi's, or look like any other of the beautiful heads of locs that I see everyday. But what they are and will be is mine. The more I let my locs be, the more compliments and stares I get. Not saying that I'm seeking those things, it's just I've taken noticed that when I try to make my unruly locs lie down or try to make them lay a certain way I get comments like "Your hair looks nice." When I let them be in a free style or wash-n-go, I get comments "You look so pretty!" "You're a beautiful woman." I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I noticed how comments changed from being aimed for my hair to being directed to me. Can anyone figure that out?

Some of you know that I'm a part time student of cosmetology. I have another blog at http://www.cosmetstudent.blogspot.com/ that serves as a portfolio as well as a marker of my developement to becoming a professional in the arts of cosmetics. I am also a full time receptionist and have been for the past 2 years. Why am I saying this? Because the latter is about to change. As of December 23rd of this year the state that our economy is in will hit home. I will be loosing my job 2 days before christmas. I wanted to blog about it because it's bitter-sweet for me. While I'm concern about getting another job, I know the Lord has some awesome plans for me because I believe that. I was wondering how I was gonna leave my job after graduation. I was thinking how I am grateful for my job, I was becoming increasingly not interested in it. Basically, I was bored. Then the announcement of the lay-off and I was shocked, but relieved, because I know that this is a door closing so that another one opens to...
a new chapter in my life, a new season, a new start, A New Me.


Yahvinah said...

I think it is great that you have a positive attitude, that makes all the difference! I totally agree with your garden analogy too, I like that! I finally started a blog, and you can see what I came up with for my hair (rememebr a month ago with the twists with the messed up parts) http://locsdownunder.blogspot.com

I enjoy reading your thoughts!

Felicia said...

Hang in there!! Keep the faith, God always has a plan!! I applaud you for the courage to begin again and to become a DIYer. I paln on becoming one myself. Be blessed!