Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comparisons- Happy 2 Years to me!!!

1. 9 months
2. 16 months
3. 9 months
4. 22 months

and the rest, 2 years and 9 days to be exact! Can't believe I've made it this far :)

The pic to the right (10 mos)

Oh my gosh! I'm so amazed at the growth between now and at 16 months. This is crazy. I have to make a confession. I am a DIYer and last month I HAD to go to a salon to get my hair retigtened. I kept falling behind. So half of my head had 2 inches of new growth and the other half about .5 inches. Don't laugh. Between working and everyday life, I couldn't find the time to complete my whole head. Smh. Well now I have all of my hair caught up to the same and plan to keep it that way. The salon visit cost me 85 bucks. Ouch!
I will caution those of you who latch or interlock your own locs. This experience of mine cause me to loose 2 locs. The reason why you might ask?  I still play in my hair. I know. Sad but true. By doing so with so much new growth, I would snag my hair at the root causing the base of those locs to become weak. So they popped. No worries. Lesson learned. I now have 2 puffs of hair in those areas, that no one can see, that will grow into healthy locs. 
"Inty" way... enjoy the pics! 
Hope you guys can see the pics well. Y'all know how these camera phones can be :)

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