Monday, January 10, 2011

My Baby is Finally All Natural!!!

Do you remember my post "Looking Out for Our Girls by Eva" ? This was a post about a woman who goes to pick up her daughter from the child's grandmother house and the child's hair is relaxed. Well I had a similar experience. To fast forward, I decided grow the relaxer out of my daughter's hair. It's been about 16 months of talking to my daughter about her hair. Telling her her hair is beautiful, letting her touch and watch my hair grow. Putting her hair in twists, cornrows, extentions, everything. The only thing I left up to her was when I was going to cut the relaxed ends off. Well, MY BABY told me she wanted the ends cut off yesterday and here she is........

All Natural!!!

If it moves you to leave a comment please say something encouraging to my baby who is on her own natural hair journey respectfully.
I'll let her read them for encouragement.

Proud Momma signing off  :)


CaribSun said...

Sweetheart, your hair is absolutely beautiful, and so are you. Without the relaxer in it, I bet your hair feels much thicker, healthier and stronger.

Yahvinah said...

oh my goodness her hair is so thick, she is going to have so much fun stying it in funky ways!

Kicukalah said...

Mone said
"Thank you so much!"

Afrolady said...

Look at that little princess!! She looks adorable with her puff!! Baby girl, you are going to have so much FUN loving your natural hair and sporting a FIERCE afro bigger then your whole head very soon. Listen to Mama, it's very will understand how important it is when you get older. Have fun with you thick beautiful hair!!