Monday, November 9, 2009

11 months

It will be 11 months on thursday so I decided to post today. I'm always late posting on my monthly updates, why not post early? So here goes....

I'm experiencing kamikaze hair balls. I've read of the little hair balls that form at the end of your locs and that it's just a part of the locking process, but mine are all over the place. They are not staying attached. I find them on my desk, on my shirt, and in my bed. I wonder why my hair is shedding so.

This weekend past, was the first time I shampooed my hair without B&B.  It was great and my curly q's are back. Maybe because in the past I was braiding or twisting all the way to the end, not allowing my texture to curl in the moisture. Hmmm.. I don't know, but that's my theory.

a few pics for ya.....

fake it to you make it puff

flakes minimized (for now)
I have to give that herbal cleanse a try Ms. Fullroller

See my little hair ball down on the right?
One of the few that hasn't jumped off my head.
You make have to click on the picture to see it.

A hair pin holding down the rebels of the front. I really like my puff. I can't keep my hands out of it.

The funnies: I have to laugh at myself. I don't take myself seriously sometimes because I'm soo funny. So here I am thinking I'm posting my update early and happen to look at my side bar and my installation date and realized I'm 2 days behind. I'm such a hoot! :D

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msfullroller said...

Uh oh, sounds like you had a senior moment! lol

I hope that you like the herbal cleanse. If you are using a natural shampoo, add a bit that in there with it. For the past 2 weeks I tried going 5-6 days in between washings. After washing this Friday, my scalp was still flaking a bit and soar in my trouble areas so I washed again yesterday and ahhh back to normal so back to every 3-4 day washings.