Friday, November 20, 2009

A tidbit-Retigtening

Sooo...I decided to retighten my hair 4 to 5 weeks instead of 6 to 8. It doesn't sound like much of a time difference, but trust and believe that it is. I finished my retight in 2 days. I combined about 5 in various areas of my head due to feeling like they were hanging on by 4 or 5 strands. I cheated a little. I was retightening my hair in class at school. Heheheheee. What? I was still doing hair. Well I let one of my classmates experience the mighty 4 point rotation with the nappy loc tool. I showed her how to complete a rotation and then allowed her to do a few. I even got her to correct some of my locs with holes in them. She did a very good job and for free.


Maybe I'll try to convince the instructor to allow me to teach a class on natural locks, interlocking or latching method.
I feel creative thinking flowing


Felicia said...

Maybe you can get some natural hair thinking going on. Wish that you had some pictures to post. By the way, those hair balls are supposed to fall off, I hate it when they hang!!!

Kicukalah said...

Hi Felicia! I'm so glad you told me about the hair balls because they are everywhere. Now I don't have to worry that my hair is shedding too much. That's a load off.

msfullroller said...

That would be great, like Felicia said get the seed planted.

Yeah those hair balls do eventually come of or get accidentally yanked off.