Friday, May 22, 2009

A Bad Hair Day?

I can not find my camera at this very moment to take a picture, but I have to blog about what I'm feeling right now. I thought my hair is pretty cute today. I'm 5 months into my hair being loc'd so it definitely doesn't like braids anymore, well at least up close they don't. So just in a general conversation with my co-worker and the HR manager I told them this question that was sent to me in an email by a friend that I thought was funny and interesting. The email read: "If you saw me in the back of a police car, what would you think I was arrested for?" I thought the email was funny and interesting because it gives you insight on what the people you have asked think about you or what they believe you are capable of doing. Well back to the co-worker and the HR manager--So I say to them, "You won't believe what crimes my friends came up with." And one of them said, "What, having a bad hair day." WHAT!! EXCUSE ME?

I laughed a little (I think laughter is a defense mechanism for me) thinking to myself, 'did this person just say that?'
How do they know I won't blow up in their face? How do they know I won't be offended? How do they know? Well who was it that said it? Surely not the co-worker while the HR manager was standing right there. This potentially could lead to me filling a complaint because the comment was aimed at my dreadlocked hair. Oh, no not the co-worker. You would think certainly not the HR manager. Again that comment was made about my dreadlocked hair. **Answer and pic tomorrow.**

You know what makes me even more upset. ME. When the comment was made, I immediately became defensive and self-conscious of my hair. I began to try to smooth it down in some way. I excused myself from their company and starting looking in every window and mirror I passed by to see what was bad about the way my hair looked. How could this be? I asked myself. How could I walk in this morning to work feeling pretty durn cute and in a matter of hours think there was something wrong with my hair? I let what people thought of me change my whole attitude of MYSELF. Oh, this is a wrong that must be made right, right now! I got to my car, and looked in my mirror once more. I said to myself, You betta shake this mess off! You said you looked good today and dag nabbit YOU DO! If others can't get wit that, then suga they are blind. This is YOUR hair at it's finest. Don't you EVAH let me catch you changing your attitude about how beautiful you are base on someone else's comment, opinion, question, or thought. You are a Queen and should be respected as such, but only after you believe that and command it. Chile, they betta watch out for you, because next time they poke at you they may draw back nubs.

~~Whew, I felt better. I felt empowered.

Soon after that, a vendor walked up to my desk and said "I absolutely love you hair"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Friday was my sweetie's birthday. I decided to buy tickets to see a broadway show since he's never seen a play. We went to see The Color Purple. Oh man was it awesome! The singing, the dancing, the story was fantastic. My sweetie sat in his seat, seldomly taking his eyes off the show. He was like a kid at the movie theater for the first time. It was great! And where was my camera for this memorable event. Yep! In the car. I was so upset with myself. Any way, there be many other moments to celebrate be the Lord's will. I was just so happy to celebrate his birthday with him.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5 months

What a major difference in texture my hair is showing now. I'm really thinking about cutting my relaxed ends off, but I can't bring my self to do it. I know I probably have close to 4 inches of natural hair and my hair has never been only 4 inches long as far as I can remember. Maybe I'll do it after I hit 1 year of being locked. That is if I can hold out that long. I won't lie, I have to say that it takes some work to keep control over your hair when you have as much relaxed ends as I have. I can't freestyle be cause I have this ethnic type hair above and straight, frizzy hair closer to the ends. It's the pits! But still...

I really love my locs and my honeydew can't keep his hands out of my hair!! I play in my hair enough for the both of us and now him too!! Oh, no. I front as if it's an issue, but trust and believe it's not. He tells me my hair is sexy and I laugh and giggle as if I'm in high school again. What's up with that? Oh, true story, I'm riding down the highway, doing about 70 mph. This car in the next lane passes me and blows the horn as if the person knew me. So I sped up a little to try to get a glimpse of who was blowing the horn. It was some dude, trying to holla. I said to him (in which he couldn't hear) Dude! Seriously, we are on the highway! It goes to show that just because you rock natural hair (locs, twists, or afros) don't mean some maniac won't try to get your attention. :=D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I won!!!

WHO is so excited right now, me!!! I won an all too cute loc adornment. I got it by entering in a giveaway hosted on the The Road to Queendom blog. I could hardly keep my seat! I was cheering at work, at the front desk (I'm a receptionist) like I won the powerball lottery! LOL. It's the little joys like this that keeps me going.

Thank you so much Writing Addict.