Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make'em Think

I decided to post some of the things that are said to me from time to time about me locking my hair. Some are down right rude and some are really curious questions. Sometimes I'll say things back to make them think.
 I'll keep posting under this label as comments, questions and opinions come my way. I'm sure there's loads to look forward to.

If I had a comb right na, I would get to your head and take that mess out.

Have I ever called your hair "mess"?

No, I just can't stand for a woman to go around with a nappy head. Theres too many ways to do ya hair fo you go 'round like that.

Like what? Nappy? You do know your hair is nappy don't you? Maybe you don't. You've probably never seen your natural hair have you? I can tell you this, it's not all that silky and shiney! Who told you it was ok to walk around like that, with your hair all straight? There's way too many ways to wear your natural nappy hair.        (This conversation was with a family member)

I can't believe you went and did that to your hair.

Did what? Stop relaxing it? You can't believe that I stopped using a chemical that is use to dissolve hair from sink drains? Did you catch that? The chemical in relaxer is the SAME chemical that is use to DISSOLVE hair in sink drains. And you can't believe I stopped? Seriously?

What are you doing?

Retightening my hair

And you have to do that to all those tiny things on your head?


Girl, you know that's a lifetime committment doncha?

Yep. You do know that if you don't wear your hair naturally, it's a lifetime committment relaxing it or keeping it straight, don't you?

True. True.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Say what! Say huh? 9 months! Get Out!

9 months

No more relaxed ends (for the most part). But now my natural ends are doing some funky things

Like being frizzy and sticking up and out.
Some of my locs have curly rounded ends instead of the wild friz

The top is really the only part that sticks out due to the length (I guess). My hair is shorter on top.

No straight parts, but I'm starting to be ok with it. It's like I love my locs much more than the parts. Straight parts would have been nice, but now they're not worth the progression of my locs.

My new friend. Yep, I'm on the way to becoming a do-it-myself person (however you say it)
Using the nappy lock tool is sooo much easier for me, than using other tools that I personally made.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Looking Out for Our Girls by Eva

Looking Out for Our Girls
By: Eva

An article I read on The Coil Review. This has actually happen to me and I was just thinking, what am I going to do?

The unthinkable happened to one mother one summer evening while her daughter was visiting at grandma’s. After a whole day to herself of summer revelry, she walks up her mother in law’s steps and stops upon hearing her daughter’s scream of delight from the direction of the backyard. Going around the side, the mother walks toward the back and slowly sees a little girl similar to her daughter shaking her pin straight hair running every which way. With a hostile glare at grandma, the mother volcanically demands with a voice unheard before today, “What did you do?” Her mother-in-law glides to the side of her granddaughter, saying matter-of-factly, “We got her hair relaxed, and it’s about time. She couldn’t wear her nappy hair forever. You don’t have to pay me now, but the salon receipt is on the kitchen counter.” Resembling Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, her daughter squeals, “Now Mommy my hair is like yours.” Needless to say, the next words out of the mother’s mouth were not rated for Disney.

and this is my comment:

I have had this happen to me! My child's hair is relaxed and it was done so with out my permission. Now when I tell her father and HIS mother (who are the culprits) that I want her to be natural and start to grow out her perm, he saids to me "Should we wait until she's old enough to make that decision?" Our daughter is eight now and her hair was relaxed around the time she just turned 7. I said to him, "That should had been the thing to ASK when you and your mother decided to relax her hair, hmmph!"
But now, what do I do? Her father is now married to a white woman (which has nothing to do with her race, but more about her hair) and when our daughter is with him, she sees his wife with her straight hair and their children (her siblings) with a looser texture of hair. How do I compete? Or rather how do I teach her about her own natural hair? My hair is in the teenage stage of the locking process. So now I have all my kinks,coils, and fuzzies in all it's glory.

What to do?~~ Kiki

***I need to make a correction here, my locs are still babies. I WISH they were in the teenage stage ~~Where did I get that from?~~***