Sunday, November 29, 2009

Re: Cshan's Curly Mohawk

I don't think my sections were up high enough, but cute enough style to start the work week.

Instead of putting it all up, I kept a fringe.

My crown

Friday, November 20, 2009

A tidbit-Retigtening

Sooo...I decided to retighten my hair 4 to 5 weeks instead of 6 to 8. It doesn't sound like much of a time difference, but trust and believe that it is. I finished my retight in 2 days. I combined about 5 in various areas of my head due to feeling like they were hanging on by 4 or 5 strands. I cheated a little. I was retightening my hair in class at school. Heheheheee. What? I was still doing hair. Well I let one of my classmates experience the mighty 4 point rotation with the nappy loc tool. I showed her how to complete a rotation and then allowed her to do a few. I even got her to correct some of my locs with holes in them. She did a very good job and for free.


Maybe I'll try to convince the instructor to allow me to teach a class on natural locks, interlocking or latching method.
I feel creative thinking flowing

Monday, November 9, 2009

11 months

It will be 11 months on thursday so I decided to post today. I'm always late posting on my monthly updates, why not post early? So here goes....

I'm experiencing kamikaze hair balls. I've read of the little hair balls that form at the end of your locs and that it's just a part of the locking process, but mine are all over the place. They are not staying attached. I find them on my desk, on my shirt, and in my bed. I wonder why my hair is shedding so.

This weekend past, was the first time I shampooed my hair without B&B.  It was great and my curly q's are back. Maybe because in the past I was braiding or twisting all the way to the end, not allowing my texture to curl in the moisture. Hmmm.. I don't know, but that's my theory.

a few pics for ya.....

fake it to you make it puff

flakes minimized (for now)
I have to give that herbal cleanse a try Ms. Fullroller

See my little hair ball down on the right?
One of the few that hasn't jumped off my head.
You make have to click on the picture to see it.

A hair pin holding down the rebels of the front. I really like my puff. I can't keep my hands out of it.

The funnies: I have to laugh at myself. I don't take myself seriously sometimes because I'm soo funny. So here I am thinking I'm posting my update early and happen to look at my side bar and my installation date and realized I'm 2 days behind. I'm such a hoot! :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Pics To Share

Pictures of my friend's 40th birthday bash. She made us dress up, ya'll.

No, I wasn't singing, but if I was my face looks like I was "sangin" or at least that old-mother-of-the-wooden-church-in-the-back-of-the-woods humming. Some y'all know what I'm talking about. :-D

Million Dollars Smiles!

~Poor thing. He had scrunch down to get close to me and I had on heels!~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

He Likes it

I've read in so many blogs that there is a huge fear of women of color going natural. One reason that sticks with me is the reason they believe that their man or men in general won't find them attractive. I've also read in many blogs that that simply is not true and this I know for a fact.
My significant other loves my hair and he's not the only one. While at work, a gentleman strolls into the front lobby digging for info. A rep looking for a contact name to push a sales pitch to.  I inform him that the facility would be closing in a month and so no new contracts or contacts would be made. He offers his apologies for the apparent job loss I would be experiencing in the near future and asked what would I do. I explained to him that I was a student of cosmetology and I would be focusing on my studies the more to graduate. He tells me that his wife is a stylist and loves what she does. He goes go on to explain that his wife is tackling to expand her target market to African-American clients. (That's right. He and his wife are caucasian.) I explained to him that most stylists feel that there is a huge difference in african descent hair and caucasian hair. The truth is, its not. What's different is the texture and therefore maintenance. Other than that hair is hair. It all needs to be cleansed, conditioned and nourished just the same. You just have to learn how to apply proper care to hair texture that is coily or very tightly curled, I explained. Very interested, he asks the super loaded question that he probably had no idea what it meant to a black woman. "Why do African-American women straightened their hair? I think yours is beautiful the way that it is and it's natural, correct?" I thanked him for the compliment and told him yes that it is indeed natural. But there was no way I could explain to him in totality my views as to why we as black women straighten our hair without taking up the rest of his day and mine. I simply explained to him, my personal reason and that was because my mother relaxed my hair while I was still in kindergarten maybe even as early as preschool. "For me, it was all I knew."  "Well", he starts again, " I sure think your hair is beautiful and it looks as though you put some time into making it look so." Yes I do put time/work into the upkeep of my locs. As I did when I relaxed it. Except now this is my texture, the natural me. I thanked him again and he went his merry way with a good bye and a good luck to me.
Which brings me back to men, all types of men, love natural hair. Not all men do, but don't believe that there are just 1 or 2 out there admiring your natural coils. There are plenty of them that are secretly admiring you.  All wide eyed in amazement at your gravity defying curls. Mesmerized by the appearence of softness that resembles cotton. Longing to know what it feels like. In complete awe of your beauty and confidence. They are out there do you see them?